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Innovative milestones

1996 Breaking tradition, Puricom Water Industrial Corporation was the first to develop RO filter systems integrated into a protective and functional case. This design has now become the standard for European markets' mainstream products, emulated throughout the industry. 
Puricom is still the first choice for cabinet style, home water purifiers on the international market.
2001 Developed the world's first patented direct flow (tankless) RO water purifier. Its slim, light, compact design has made it the Japanese national favorite.
2004 Tokyo, Japan LEXUS car plant uses a PURICOM filtering system for body washing and maintenance. RO filtered water leaves no water stains, for a wax-like shiny finish.
2008 Developed the world's smallest micro-misting system. Compact size, high efficiency, low noise, lower ambient temperature. An international market favorite.
2009 PURICOM's engineering team planned and constructed the full range, ultra-pure, boiler feed-water system for the "generation performance improvement program," for the Guam Power Plant.
2009 Asia's first UL778 certified U.S. patented, "UP-8500 water-cooled brushless motor" significantly improved operating performance and service life.
2010 Dubai Water Show, "Taiwan drinking water equipment Industry Association" invited Puricom design team designed the image of Taiwan Pavilion
2011 The world's first revolutionary design, No Installation, ZIP portable reverse osmosis water purifier enters the market.
2011 Recyclable PET filter housing makes a great step towards environmental protection.
2013 Puricom team members and consultants become the first professional in all of China and Taiwan to receive the most senior WQA Certified Water Specialist certification.
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  • Taiwan Excellence Award 2017 - Q-PACK
2009 Ministry of Economic Affairs' "Brand Marketing and Management Counseling" "Award of Excellence" for blue-chip companies.
2010 Puricom's CMB-R3 intelligent dual effect UV water purifier won the "Golden Pin Design Award Mark" for 2010.
2010 Puricom's won the "2010 Golden Hand Award for Outstanding SMEs"。
2010 Puricom's BUBU Micro-mist system won the "Golden Pin Design Award Mark" for 2010.
2010 Puricom's Intelligent three-way water purifier CME-R3 won the 2011 "Taiwan Excellence Award".
2011 Puricom's Smart Advance Ultra Clean water purifier "CMB-R3" and portable RO water purifier "ZIP" won the 2012 "Taiwan Excellence Award."
2012 Puricom was awarded First Prize by "Manager Magazine" of the "SME Corporate Social Responsibility Award " for outstanding social care and community participation.
2013 Puricom's direct flow RO water purifier "CIJ-DM" won the 22nd "Taiwan Excellence Award."
2016 Puricom's Q-Pack Washable RO Storage Tank won the 25th "Taiwan Excellence Award."
2017 Puricom's CMW-GUTZZI intelligent RO water system won the 26th "Taiwan Excellence Award."