H2 Water Molecular Hydrogen Generator

  • High-concentration hydrogen water generator.
  • Immediately generating hydrogen water.
  • Molecular hydrogen fights free radicals in your body and protects your cells from the effects of oxidative stress.
  • Auto cleaning function, maintain the hygiene of hydrogen water generator.
  • Water electrolysis cell automatic cleaning function.
  • Water electrolysis cell automatic detection of abnormal function.
  • Motor soft starter extending the lifespan of the system.
  • Two-way magnetic closing cover, easy to open for maintenance.
  • Smart LED artistic indicator.
  • Glossy panel design, more deluxe.
  • Intelligent control, 4 functions in 1 optional: filter change notice, water quality detector, leak sensor, auto-flushing.

CIH-H2 H2 Water Molecular Hydrogen Machine Factory - Puricom


Model Name CIH-H2
Dimensions D40.5×W12.5×H39.5 cm
Inlet water RO (Max. inlet RO volume 1L/min)
Pump UP-7000 / UP-9100
Input Voltage AC100~240 V
Inlet pressure 20~60 PSI
Inlet Water TDS < 60 ppm
Inlet Water Hardness < 60
Output 0.8~1 / 1~1.2  (L/min)
H2 concentration 0.8~1.3 / 1.4~2.0 ppm