R&D Ability

Why Choose Puricom as Your Partner for Water Filtration Product Manufacturing?

From design to manufacturing, Puricom provides innovative, high-quality water treatment products that are practical and convenient to use, have an elegant style, are built to last, and are offered at the most competitive prices.

Puricom has a highly qualified R&D team, ready to work with you to provide state-of-the-art, OEM / ODM product development. Our manufacturing capabilities allow you to bring the most advanced and innovative water filtration products to any market.

Clean water is essential for a healthy lifestyle, and reliable water treatment products are essential to maintaining health and enjoying delicious water. By choosing a manufacturer that uses components certified by third-party bodies, you will stand out in the water treatment market. By offering products that are certified by third-party bodies, you give your customers water purification product that they know they can rely on.

R&D Ability

Puricom product development process

Independent development and design

Market research and evaluation
Through long-term observation of market dynamics, grasp the needs of potential customers, analyze market competitors and development advantages, and evaluate development feasibility.
Develop possibility assessment
According to the possible market, evaluate and adjust the development momentum, and rationally allocate resources.
Define development specifications
According to the foregoing content, determine the requirements specifications and clearly set the goals of product development.
Functional design and verification
According to the established specifications, carry out the design of the mechanism and function, and design and perform verification according to the requirements.
Appearance and UI design
Design the appearance and user interface according to the needs.
Prototype proofing
Use traditional processing methods, or use RP rapid prototyping for proofing.
Mold development
To meet the needs of mass production, develop molds or jigs.
Mass production testing
Targeting mass production and conducting trial quantities.
Product handover
Complete the development process and hand over the product specification.
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