Over the past 30 years, we have been committed to the design, development, and manufacturing of water purifiers and filter products. We provide OEM and ODM services with professional service quality and have become a trusted global corporation.

Why Choose Puricom?
Design Development

Puricom’s advanced product design capabilities bring you innovative water filtration products designed for a modern lifestyle of convenience and healthy living.

Why Choose Puricom?
High-Capacity Production and World-Wide Distribution

Through high-volume production and close international partnerships, we work together with you to guarantee efficient manufacturing and timely distribution, to bring your products to market quickly and efficiently.

Why Choose Puricom?
Focus on Production and Quality

State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Taiwan ensure top-quality products. Strict online inspection and quality control guarantee every filter product meets stringent quality standards.


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Annual Pump Capacity

Quality Guarantee

USA FilmTec™ RO membrane

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In addition to providing clean and pure drinking water, today's residential water filtration systems often come with a variety of other features. One popular addition to these systems is a hot water function
Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) pose a growing threat to water sources globally. As regulatory bodies worldwide grapple with the challenges posed by PFAS
From design to manufacture, Puricom engages to provide you the safety, innovation, practical value, elegant style, reasonable price water treatment products.
05 31 2021

Aquatech China 2021

The Aquatech China will take place on 3 days from Wednesday, 02. June to Friday, 04. June 2021 in Shanghai.

Please Note

It has once again come to our attention that manufacturers from various countries are using the Puricom brand name to sell imitations of Puricom products.
Puricom manufactures its products in Taiwan only and any products with a Puricom label that are not manufactured in Taiwan are imitations.

Avoiding poor quality imitations and accepting only the highest quality original Puricom products will protect your company’s reputation, business interests, and customer goodwill.

With professional experiences and customization capabilities, we can help companies find the most suitable solutions.

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