Quality Management

Quality Management

Quality Goals

Puricom's professional work team provides quality products and services every step of the way.

Manufacturing Department

State-of-the-art manufacturing facilities assure streamlined production for efficient on-time delivery.

Precise schedules are maintained for the entire manufacturing team, with material supply tightly coordinated with component suppliers. Equipment used in production is serviced and properly maintained on a regularly scheduled basis.

Quality Assurance Department

Quality assurance is maintained at each step of production, from the close inspection of incoming components and materials to the final QC check of every finished product. We also take our customers’ suggestions and complaints very seriously and consider it an obligation to pinpoint areas that need improvement and strive for continued development.

Purchasing Department

Final products can be no better than the components and materials they are made of. With over 40 years of experience in the water filtration industry, Puricom has cultivated an extensive network of reliable components and materials suppliers. Our purchasing department has a clear understanding of our suppliers’ capabilities and works closely with our suppliers to assure reliable and on-time delivery of top-quality materials.

Materials Department Management

All orders are closely tracked before and during production to assure production components and materials are on hand for on-time supply to the production line.

Warehouse Management: Advanced ERP inventory processing assures accurate and efficient production line supply.

Business Department: We strive to always have a clear understanding of our customers’ expectations to assure complete customer satisfaction.

Management Department

Ongoing educational seminars and trainings are scheduled to assure all team members stay up-to-date on industry trends and are working together to reach united goals.

R&D Department: Keeping abreast of the latest technology and market trends, we offer practical solutions to our customers that will lead to innovative product designs.

Every step is taken into careful consideration to assure that no detail is left unattended. All Puricom's departments work together to ensure fast, reliable, and high-quality production. We maintain close with our customers during the production process to keep our customers up to date on the progress of each order’s production.

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