Direct Flow Commercial Water Filtration System

  • Direct flow. Fresh, instant, pure water.
  • Big flow design, Super high-speed filtration.
  • New FG –series quick-change filter cartridge, easy to maintain.
  • 50% space savings makes this system easy to install anywhere.
  • Systematized tubing design, filtration efficiency, and easy to install.
  • Infixed glycerin pressure gauge with the bracket to be integrated.
  • Good for dental hospitals, fine dining areas, laboratories, and more.

Puricom CLS-1200 Water Filter System for Business


Model CLS-1200
Dimensions D22 x W38 x H44.5 cm
RO Output 1200 GPD
Booster Pump UP-B230
Voltage AC100~240 V
Weight 20 kg
Inlet Water Pressure 30~60 psi