Vacuum Insulated Hot Water RO Purifier

Puricom CQE-HV 2 in 1 Hot Water RO System = Hot Water Dispenser + RO System

In addition to providing clean and pure drinking water, today's residential water filtration systems often come with a variety of other features. One popular addition to these systems is a hot water function, which provides hot water for beverages and food preparation. The design of these systems is crucial to ensure not only convenient and efficient use but also energy efficiency in the heating unit. Puricom’s CQE-HV Vacuum Insulated RO Water Purifier integrates a vacuum-insulated hot water storage tank with a reverse osmosis filter system, delivering purified water with the added convenience and efficiency of hot water.

Efficiency of Vacuum Insulated Containers

Vacuum Layer + Copper Plating Design Ensures Hot Water Remains at an Elevated Temperature for Extended Periods with Minimal Energy Consumption

At the core of this purifier lies a vacuum-insulated stainless steel storage tank, similar to those employed in vacuum water bottles. This design is highly efficient due to the vacuum layer between the inner and outer walls, serving as a thermal barrier that minimizes heat transfer. This ensures that hot water remains at an elevated temperature for extended periods with minimal energy consumption. The stainless-steel tank resists corrosion, guaranteeing a durable and hygienic water storage solution.

Temperature Customization for Versatility

The CQE-HV allows users to set the hot water temperature anywhere between 30 and 95 degrees Celsius based on their needs. This flexibility ensures energy efficiency, as the purifier only heats water to the desired temperature, thereby saving both electricity and costs. Uniformity at a specific temperature is also advantageous for beverage preparation or cooking.

According to Taiwan's "Energy Management Act" standards, first level of energy consumption standard value for electric hot water tank is 24 hours consuming less than 462.1W. Our 2 in 1 RO system 24h energy consuming is 210.48W, energy efficiency is twice higher than the first level energy efficiency.

Taiwan Energy Management Act Standards

Source:Ministry of Economic Affairs https://law.moea.gov.tw/LawContent.aspx?id=GL000376

Safety Features and Cost Savings

The CQE-HV is equipped with multi-protection safety features, including safeguards against overheating, overpressure, water leakage, and electric leakage. A leak detector will promptly turn off the system if there is any leakage, preventing water damage in the filter area. Additionally, a relief valve on the hot water tank prevents potential damage or accidents caused by excess pressure. The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) automatically cuts off power in the event of a fault, ensuring the safety of users and the purifier itself.

The sensor in the hot water tank is designed to automatically shut off the system if it detects low water levels. This preventive measure not only avoids the heating element burning out but also extends the system's lifespan, resulting in cost savings on repairs.

Space-Saving Design - Easy Maintenance

Comparison of 2-in-1 Hot Water RO System and Separate Units

By combining the features of a highly efficient RO filter system with a hot water system, the CQE-HV Vacuum Insulated RO Water Purifier offers a comprehensive solution that saves valuable space in your kitchen or office. Its quick-change replacement filters streamline maintenance, minimizing downtime and effort associated with filter replacements.

From its innovative vacuum-insulated technology to customizable temperature settings, multi-protection safety features, and a space-saving design, the CQE-HV purifier provides a superior and efficient water filtration solution for modern households and offices.