Production lines implementing 6S

TQCC Quality Management

Puricom Quality Test Policy (QE Reliability Tests)

Burst Machine

Pressure burst test.
Tests filter integrity.

Water Quality Laboratory

Strict contamination analysis; e.g. detection of E. coli, chemicals etc.

Environment Simulator

Simulates a variety of high/low temperature, high/low humidity conditions to test product durability under varying user environments and transportation conditions.

Faucet Life Cycle Test

100,000 times open/close to test faucet lifetime.

Free Residual Chlorine Analysis

Tests activated carbon filtration and life-cycle efficiency.

Clip Bracket Life Cycle Test

Repeat insert and removal of filter till compromise to test durability of clip bracket.

International Certifications

  • ISO 9001:2015
Certificates and Reputations

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