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Two-temperature Water Dispenser


Floor Standing Water Dispenser
  • Cold and room temperature water dispenser.
  • The elegant design makes it ideal for family and office use.
  • Convenient and large sink prevents splashing.
  • Quiet and High efficiency chilling compressor.
  • Water leakage detection.
  • Anti-bacterial material design.
  • 100% factory tested and sterilized ready for installation.
Model Name DW-598CW
Dimensions D33×W35×H95 cm
Capacity - Warm built-in RO system
- Cold 3.5L
RO Output 50 / 75 / 100 (GPD)
Voltage 110V / 220V
Inlet Water TDS < 800 ppm
Inlet Water Hardness < 250 ppm
Inlet Water Temperature 5℃~45℃